Furnishing an Airbnb Like a Pro: Boost Bookings and Add Value

Are you looking to take your Airbnb to the next level? Whether you’re a seasoned host or just starting out, furnishing an Airbnb with style and purpose can make all the difference in attracting guests and maximizing your profits. That’s where the expertise of an interior designer comes in. At Z & Co. Design Group, many clients contact us to transform their Airbnb spaces into highly-desirable and highly-rated properties. 

We’ve compiled our top tips and tricks for outfitting and furnishing an Airbnb below. If you’re seeking professional support to get your Airbnb ready for guests, a renovation interior designer can be your ultimate ally. From selecting the right Airbnb furniture and decor to optimizing the layout and functionality of your space, an interior designer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure your property stands out from the competition. 

Airbnb Furnishing: First Things to Consider

fripp island living room with navy blue couch, tan upholstered coffee table and white comfy chairs.
We remodeled, staged, and photographed this beautiful beachfront property on Fripp Island, South Carolina that was featured on HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunt. It now doubles as a vacation home and rental for a family of four!

To create a compelling listing with a good cost-value ratio, it’s important to consider a few details before you get started. 

Location Location Location

Location is the detail that’s going to inform almost all of your decisions about the best way to furnish an Airbnb. Not only is it important to consider which state you’re in—to understand Airbnb regulations—but the aesthetic of your property is also going to vary depending on if you’re near the beach, in a cabin in the mountains, or in the heart of downtown. You’ll want to think about why your guests will be booking your Airbnb, and what will make their stay the most comfortable and accommodating. 

Moreover, it is crucial to understand the value of surrounding properties, as well as the amenities you’ll be competing with. For instance, you don’t want to invest too much money into a remodel that makes your property significantly more expensive than surrounding ones that sleep the same number of people. Alternatively, adding amenities people are looking for or are common in that area can help boost your listing up with the rest of the highly sought-after properties.

There are also several cost-effective and very cool features you can add that can set your property apart, such as an outdoor shower for a beach property. We offer custom home design services to bring any vision to life, and we share more ways to add value to your home below. 

Should Your Airbnb Be Pet-Friendly?

The decision to accommodate pets is entirely up to you, but it may make sense to do so if families often rent your space and because a lot of Airbnbs are not pet-friendly. While it can be a hassle that’s not worth it for some, for others it’s something that makes their property a top choice.

Quality Property Photos Are A Must

While it’s amazing what iPhones can do these days, they simply don’t compare to professional photos. After you put in all that hard work furnishing an Airbnb, listing photos are not something you want to skimp on, so it’s important to make room for it in your budget. Interior designers regularly work with space photographers and can help stage your property so that your photos have the best lighting, angles, and appeal for bookings.

Best Airbnb Furniture

When you’re selecting Airbnb furniture, you’re going to want to go with pieces that can handle a lot of traffic, wear and tear, and guests of all ages. We also suggest investing a little more in the furnishings where comfort really matters. That includes mattresses, lounging chairs, couches, and sofas. For common area furnishings, we often opt for:  

Stain-proof and weather-resistant materials

Especially if you’re expecting pets and kids, durable and stain-resistant furniture is a must. Look for furniture made with Sunbrella, Crypton, or Revolution fabric. This will help your furnishings last longer and make messes easier to clean up. These brands also make fabrics to withstand the elements, which is particularly great if you’re looking for outdoor furniture with features like mildew and UV resistance. 

Washable furnishings

If you want to ensure no harm comes to your furniture, pillow covers and sofa slipcovers are easy to wash or interchange when accidents happen. For Airbnbs, we also recommend washable runners and rugs for kids’ rooms and dining areas, like the ones Ruggable sells. Other areas can be furnished with softer, highly-durable rugs that are easy to spot clean.

Furnishing an Airbnb to Add Value

Exterior view of Whispering Water Lodge at night. In front of cabin is outdoor fireplace with wood chairs around it and glowing lights illuminate the impressive wood structure.
The Whispering Water Lodge has stunning indoor and outdoor fireplaces and a turf area where guests can enjoy cornhole.

There are several ways to add value to your Airbnb if you’re wanting to attract more guests and charge more per night. Some are easy and relatively inexpensive, while others will require more time and financial investment. As we mentioned previously, it’s important to consider how much surrounding properties are renting for before you dump money into a project you may not see a return on. It’s best to consult an interior designer in the area who will have an idea of what people are looking for and if each of these is a sound investment. 

However, in our experience, the following have helped several of our clients attract guests and maximize their rental profits.

Outdoor Games/Books and Board Games

If you’ve got outdoor space, guests appreciate having games to entertain themselves with throughout their trip, and it also doesn’t hurt to have a quality speaker for them to use. There’s also nothing like curling up with a good book or playing board games with your family on a rainy or snowy day, all of which are relatively inexpensive if you’re furnishing an Airbnb on a budget. 

Hot Tub/Pool

Above ground is completely fine here, just be sure to get a sturdy one. It is likely that more people will try to squeeze into a hot tub than there actually should be. 


Many more people work remotely than they did 4 years ago, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in a desk or two for your property. It has also become more popular for people to book a week or more in a different state and work while they enjoy the city, so a downtown apartment may do very well with a designated workspace.

Landscaping/Indoor Plants

How your property looks on the outside can be just as important as how it looks on the inside. 

Landscaping can enhance the curb appeal of your property, and in some circumstances provide privacy for your guests. Indoor plants can improve air quality and bring a touch of nature indoors, but be sure to opt for low-care plants if you’re going to use real ones. 

Also be sure to communicate with your guests if you have scheduled maintenance, or plan for trimming or watering to be done in between bookings. 

Bath Tub

If you expect a lot of families or elderly people to book your property, this will make bathtime easier for kids and provide an option for those who cannot stand for long periods of time. 

A Unique Feature

If you plan to occupy your rental property for any part of the year, the unique feature you opt for could be something that you enjoy that others will love too. Examples could be a custom-built pizza oven in the backyard, a pinball room, or a beautiful gazebo. Something that makes your property stand out can add charm and be the reason your property gets booked over another. 

Location Appropriate Supplies

Depending on where you are, you can provide bikes, paddleboards, or firewood that guests can use while they are visiting.  

Other Ways to Add Value:

Fireplaces-Indoor and Outdoor
Pull-Out Sofas or Cots to sleep more people
Central AC
Washer and Dryer

Amenities That Make a Difference

Living room with decor adorning built-in shelves on either side of a fireplace with TV above.
Thoughtful decor is another way you can add charm and increase bookings.

Amenities can take a stay from good to great and can transform your Airbnb into the home away from home that many guests are looking for. While you may not be able to charge more for having these, they can greatly improve the experience and cause people to choose and rebook your property over another.

Coffee Maker and Coffee Supplies

Many travelers appreciate the convenience of having coffee available during their stay, plus it’s affordable and isn’t too much trouble to refill. For bonus points, stock your area with local coffee beans and tea products for an authentic touch. 

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry allows for self-check-in and enables guests to arrive at your property when it is most convenient for them. You don’t have to worry about being there in person to let them in, and you can change the access code for each new booking for increased security. 

Smart TV with Streaming Services

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Disney+ are all great subscriptions you can offer, and you can choose whether to maintain subscriptions or have the apps downloaded so guests can log into their own accounts.

Kitchen Appliances/Dishwasher

Part of the appeal of choosing an Airbnb over a hotel is the ability to cook meals. Be sure to stock your kitchen with common appliances like a blender, toaster, and microwave, and provide cooking and serving materials including pots, pans, plates, glasses, etc.  

Baby Crib/High Chair

Providing baby accommodations for traveling parents can make a huge difference. You don’t need to create a nursery either—a crib on wheels and a high chair will get the job done. 

Other Amenities:

Iron and Ironing Board
Designated Parking Spaces
Universal Charging Station (or extra cords on hand)

Looking for an Airbnb Furnishing Service?

Furnishing an Airbnb property requires careful thought, creativity, and attention to detail. While you may be tempted to tackle the task on your own, hiring an interior designer can transform your Airbnb into a remarkable space that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Interior designers are especially helpful if:

  • You live out of state
  • It is a large-scale project
  • You want to design a luxury Airbnb 

Interior designers can navigate the challenges of remote coordination and handle the logistics of ordering, delivery, and installation for you. From understanding the unique needs of your location and target audience to selecting furniture, decor, and amenities that maximize comfort and appeal, an interior designer can elevate your rental property to new heights.

Ultimately, hiring Atlanta interior designers like Z & Co. Design Group is an investment in your Airbnb’s success. Our experts will help you create a standout listing, attract more guests, and command higher rental rates. Together, we can create a truly exceptional space that not only boosts bookings but also exceeds the expectations of your guests. Happy hosting!