Working with a Home Renovation Designer

When you make the decision to take on a home improvement project, it can be difficult to know where to start. You may have an idea of things you’d like to change in your current space, and have a Pinterest board for inspiration, but what’s next?

Determining your budget and understanding the overall cost of the project can be challenging. Visualizing how the space will look and function may be even more overwhelming. If you’re looking for someone with the expertise to take you through every step of the process, a home renovation designer or remodel designer is a great choice.

Should I Hire an Architect or Interior Designer?

While experience varies, home renovation interior designers are generally versatile partners with expertise in both layout and design. They can be brought onto projects big and small, from interior decorating and design to renovations and remodels, and even new home constructions.

If you’re thinking about hiring an architect or interior designer, look fo a renovation design group to manage your project from start to finish. Atlanta interior designers like Z & Co. Design Group are available to assist with custom design renovations in any capacity, from conceptualization, design, ordering, and project management to installation, staging, and more.

Home renovation designers are great because they go beyond providing a service to their clients. They are passionate about bringing visions to life and strive to provide seamless, stress-free, and organized experiences. Having them around brings tremendous value and benefits, ensuring that every aspect is thoughtfully considered and executed to perfection.

Do I Want My Home Remodeled or Renovated?

You will hear the words “remodeled” and “renovated” used a lot when it comes to home improvement projects, but is there a difference? In technical terms, a remodel is when you are changing the structure of a space through demolition or destruction, while a renovation has more to do with making cosmetic changes to update or restore a space.

For example, knocking down a wall to make a kitchen bigger would be considered a remodel, while installing new lighting and faucets in a bathroom would be considered a renovation. Of course, projects can and often do involve a combination of both.

However, these words are often used interchangeably and for the purposes of this article, we use renovation as a blanket term.

Do Interior Designers Do Renovations?

An example of a guest bath design concept put together by a home renovation interior designer. Shows swatches for paint, counter top and shower materials, fixtures ideas, and artwork.
Example of a design concept for a guest bathroom. Renovation interior designers will typically put together a few of these for a client to choose from.

Many homeowners are curious about who designs home renovations and who actually does the renovating. The answer is that interior designers handle both! Interior designers are like architects and decorators fused into one, in that they assist with both space planning and design.

Renovation interior design takes into account the possibilities and restrictions of your space, as well as help with material and finish selection, color schemes, lighting design, furniture layout, overall design coordination, and project management.

Once the design is approved, your home renovation designers will coordinate contractors, electricians, painters, plumbers, and other professionals necessary to handle the installation and execution of your home improvement project.

A good interior designer will oversee the project from start to finish, and you will often see them working alongside the general contractor and skilled trade professionals to make sure everything runs smoothly – and that your “kitchen before and after” photos look exactly how you thought they would.

Why Hire a Home Renovation Interior Designer?

Houzz recently revealed that 91% of homeowners relied on pros for their remodels or upgrades in 2022, and for good reason! With the help of a professional like a home renovation interior designer, you can minimize stress, avoid costly mistakes, and enhance your home’s value. 

If you’re ready for an upgrade, a renovation interior designer can provide custom home design services to create the visually stunning and highly functional space of your dreams. 

An Interior Renovation Designer Acts as Project Manager

Many people don’t realize that a large part of an interior designer’s job is project management. Similar to wedding planners, they help plan, organize, and oversee projects from start to finish to minimize stress for their clients and ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

In most cases, they will take care of ordering and organizing all necessary materials and furniture for a project. And when an interior design renovation requires other renovation professionals, an interior designer can recommend and coordinate these people, as well.

Typically, they have a network of vendors they trust and consistently work with that they bring onto projects as needed, so their clients don’t have to hire everyone individually. Interior designers will also make sure these builders, painters, and installers understand their client’s vision, and most importantly, that they stay on schedule.

If you have a larger project, our renovation design group is great to work with because you’ll have the expertise of many design professionals, and their connections, at your disposal. 

Renovation Services Save Money and Add Value

A newly renovated kitchen designed by Z & Co. Design Group, featuring a large wood island with marble countertop and white textured stools. Greenery in a white vase and fruit sit on the counter with white tile backsplash in the background.
Designers are often able to find pieces homeowners may not have on their own, like these uniquely textured island stools at Project Lake Shore.

Most interior designers have lent their custom design renovations to hundreds of clients, which means they know the tricks of the trade and how far a dollar can stretch.

Many can work within any budget and will be realistic with their clients about what is possible and how much a project will cost. Plus, they may even share the places where it’s ok to cut corners. For example, a free-standing bookcase is a great alternative when something like built-in shelves are out of your price range, and they may fit better into your design aesthetic.   

Secondly, some interior designers take on projects as big as new home constructions, which means they have a very good understanding of codes and laws for residential spaces, and in some cases, commercial builds. They can help property owners avoid costly mistakes related to health and safety codes, regulations, and installation requirements. Most add-ons, and sometimes smaller renovations, require a Development Application/Assessment (DA) that an interior renovation designer can assist with. 

Lastly, an interior designer knows how to add the most value to your home, if that’s something you’re interested in. They can help you design a timeless, durable home that will catch the eye of any prospective buyer, and they can give advice on the best materials and products to use. 

Paint is one of those surefire ways to add value to a home, and it has also been shown to be one of the home updates that bring the most joy to homeowners. Exterior renovations are another way to make a great first impression and improve curb appeal when you’re ready to sell.    

You Can Still DIY With Their Help

A rendering of a bar set-up in a home. Shows wood and black metal stools, hanging lights, a white modular kitchen island, spirits on shelves in the background, and dark wood cabinets on either side of the back counter.
An example of a photorealistic rendering Z & Co. uses to help clients visualize their new space.

If you’re interested in DIY-ing any part of a project, it’s still not a bad idea to get help with planning out your custom design renovations. A home renovation interior designer will consider details you may not have thought of, such as where electrical and plumbing need to be placed or which products are going to take the longest to ship to you. 

Moreover, some contractors won’t provide a bid unless they see drawings, and you can work with a designer to create the appropriate renderings for each room. 

Find a Home Renovation Designer Near Me

If you’re embarking on a home improvement project and feeling overwhelmed, fear not! A home renovation designer can be your guiding light throughout the entire process. They possess the expertise and creativity to bring your ideas to life, ensuring that your space not only looks stunning but functions seamlessly. 

When it comes to custom renovation services, contacting experienced professionals – like Z & Co. Design Group – is a wise choice. From conceptualization to project management, our services are expansive and can be customized to fit your needs. Contact us today and let us bring your renovation dreams to life.