Custom Furniture in Atlanta: Where to Shop [And How to Save!]

Have you ever wondered how interior designers bring a touch of magic to homes? The harmony and beauty of a well-designed space come down to detailed space planning, proper proportions, and the meticulous selection of furniture and decor that fits the aesthetic and functional requirements of the residence.

As an award-winning interior design and building resource firm based in North Atlanta, we provide custom home design services for clients in Georgia and throughout the United States. Custom furniture design is one of the many services we provide to deliver a tailored result that truly cannot be replicated.

In this article, we’re peeling back the curtain on how we source custom furniture in Atlanta, typically below retail price. We reveal where designers shop for furniture, as well as our favorite retail stores if you’re interested in creating your own design magic. However, keep in mind that there are many advantages to partnering with local interior designers, including access to hundreds of vendors and more customization freedom.

Your dream interior is within reach, and we’re here to help turn your vision into a reality.

Where Do Interior Designers Shop for Furniture?

Z & Co. Design Group is registered with 100s of trade-only* vendors, which allows us to provide the best variety of high-quality furnishings and decor at the best cost to our clients. A lot of retail stores directly purchase from these same vendors, but we cut out the middleman and aim to reduce the markup for our clients.

Some of our favorite custom trade-only sources include Rowe, Vanguard, Phillips Scott, CR Laine, Lee Industries, and Bernhardt. These vendors enable us to create truly bespoke pieces to achieve a modern Southern style or any design vision our clients may have.

*A trade-only furniture store sells exclusively to interior designers or tradespeople, but not to the general public. These stores typically require membership or verification of professional status for access.

Where to Buy Furniture in Atlanta

An office waiting room featuring green chairs with wood detailing on the sides, a tan sofa, abstract artwork, and a dark wood ceiling beam. Z & Co. offers custom furniture design in Atlanta as a service to all of its clients.
When you shop, bring samples of finishes that are already in place, such as paint colors, stone, or tile.

Z & Co. also has several go-to retail places that are accessible to the general public. We typically only buy at these places if we are in a time crunch or need last-minute accessories (you can purchase off-the-floor) because the costs are higher. Many of these places offer pieces that are customizable to a certain degree if you’re looking to purchase a piece without the help of a designer.

The following are local furniture boutiques or chains with physical locations in Atlanta. We’ve added details about custom offerings for each, if any.

Crate & Barrel

Custom Furniture: Yes

Type: Sofas, Chairs

Highlights: Good variety of materials and designs

Pottery Barn

Custom Furniture: Yes

Type: Leather Furniture, Rugs, Custom-Fit Furniture

Highlights: Made-to-order (delivers in 4-6 weeks) leather furniture *according to website

West Elm

Custom Furniture: Yes

Type: Beds, Sectionals, Curtains, Rugs

Highlights: Can select headboard height on certain bedframes; build-your-own sectionals

Restoration Hardware

Custom Furniture: Yes

Type: Variety

Highlights: Many items are customizable by size, color, and finish


Custom Furniture: Yes

Type: Color, Materials, Sizes

Highlights: Unique metal pieces, high-end vegan leather

Stock & Trade

Custom Furniture: Limited

13 Hub Lane

Custom Furniture: Limited

Outrageous Interiors

Custom Furniture: Limited

How to Save on Custom Furniture in Atlanta

The corner of a white living room featuring two swivel cheetah print chairs, a white sofa and ottoman, green pillow, blue lamp, and gold vase with greenery. This is an example of a project where custom furniture design in Atlanta was offered.
The possibilities with custom furniture are truly endless and can fit any style, from modern feminine to mid-century minimalist.

While it may make sense in some cases to order your own custom furniture in Atlanta, there are several reasons why partnering with an interior designer is one of the most cost-effective options. As we mentioned, our cost is typically going to be below retail price because we order directly from vendors.

Secondly, going through an interior designer will help you avoid costly mistakes, such as getting the measurements wrong or choosing a fabric that isn’t as durable as you thought when furnishing an Airbnb. Trade-only vendors also allow designers more creative freedom than retail stores, so they are able to request exact measurements or additional features to craft perfectly aesthetic and functional furniture.

Lastly, Atlanta interior designers have a much wider range of options to choose from than the consumer, which means they can find the perfect piece for your space and needs, instead of settling for “close enough”. This can be the difference between cherishing a piece of furniture for years to come or wanting to replace it after only a few.

How Ordering Custom Furniture Works

Generally, every project we take on will have some sort of custom or semi-custom pieces of furniture included. We select the vendors and pieces to present to the client based on their budget and style. Once we select the pieces, we invoice the client and then take care of the ordering, tracking, installation, etc. Custom furniture takes anywhere from 3-6 months to be manufactured and received, depending on the vendor and lead times at the time of purchase.

Whether custom furniture can be returned depends on the specific policies of the manufacturer or craftsman you’re working with. In many cases, custom-made furniture is not returnable or refundable, especially if it was made to your exact specifications, as it may not be suitable for resale to another customer. However, some sellers may offer a return or exchange policy if there are issues with the quality or craftsmanship, or if the product arrives damaged.

Custom Pieces We’ve Designed for Our Clients

Luxury minimalist living room with leather chair and dark wood coffee table. On either side of room are twin white sofas with off-white performance fabric and dark stain legs. Z & Co. sources custom furniture in Atlanta for its clients.
This residence showcases the best of functional contemporary living, with pet and kid-proof fabrics throughout.

Project: The Brookhaven Modern

Piece(s): Twin Sofas

Maker: Rowe

Customized: Fabric & wood trim frame

Specifications: Sofas that were sophisticated enough for an adult dinner party but also family-friendly for family movie and popcorn night.

“We were able to select a performance fabric that suited their toddler while still elevating the overall appearance of the sofas by opting for a deep, moody wood trim stain.”

-Harlie Beddome, Interior Designer, Z & Co. Design Group
Example of custom furniture design in Atlanta with a gray living room chair and sectional. Chair has oak detailing up with arms and sectional has custom dimensions to fill out the space.
Our objective for this project was to create main living spaces that would emulate the bright airiness one thinks of when dreaming of California beaches.

Project: Project Lake Shore

Piece(s): Living Room Accent Chair & Sectional

Maker: Rowe / CR Laine

Customized:  Oak detail on chair; Size of sectional

Specifications: A sectional that would allow our clients to fully recline for weekend afternoon naps, and a unique chair that was still comfortable enough to curl up and read a book in.

“A larger sectional was also needed to ensure the room had properly scaled upholstery. The touches of stained oak give the chair a personality of its own so that it doesn’t just simply disappear into a corner.”

-Harlie Beddome, Interior Designer, Z & Co. Design Group
Example of custom furniture design in Atlanta at a renewed traditional home. In the dining room around a round dark wood dining table are custom cream chairs with skirts and covered backs. In the background are custom color window panels hanging on either side of a window with patterned wall paper on walls.
Custom upholstery was carefully selected for nearly every piece at Project Carmain so each space of the home would flow from one room to the next.

Project: Project Carmain

Piece(s): Dining Chairs & Window Panels

Maker: Lee Industries for chairs; window panels through Fabricut

Customized: Fabric, casters, and skirt for chairs; Color and size of window panels

“We knew we wanted to use a performance fabric and add casters to the chairs. We chose a creamy, woven fabric and skirted the chairs to add a slight formal flare. We were able to select the perfect teal-esque linen for the window panels that played beautifully with the Thibaut wallcovering at the exact height and width we needed.” 

-Tyler Bernson, Interior Designer, Z & Co. Design Group

Contact Z & Co. for Custom Furniture Design in Atlanta

The key to crafting your dream interior lies in the skillful hands of an interior designer. Beyond our years of experience and keen eyes for detail, our Atlanta design group offers access to an extensive network of custom furniture vendors that will deliver the perfect pieces at less than retail.

Collaborating with a designer means that your living space becomes a canvas for their artistry, and it also alleviates you from the burdens of browsing, measuring, ordering, and more.

Ready to see your vision for a uniquely tailored space take shape? Z & Co. Design Group is a full-service company that has been providing custom furniture design in Atlanta for over a decade. Your perfect space is just a call away.