Drive Properties Office

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Designers: Heather Eason + Lindsey Quinn

Builder: D.I. Build

Photographer: Heidi Harris

A Rustic Modern Office Space

This commercial office space is used by an investment real-estate company as their headquarters. The client wanted a workspace that was fun and modern and a bit different from your average mountain-style space. With crisp lines and minimal clutter, the space is clean but still stylish, with details that excite and set it apart from the average office. The earthy tones and dark woods used throughout are some of this year’s most popular interior design trends.

This rustic modern office space features a collaboration lounge, a 10-person conference table with a media wall for presentations, and a kitchenette for employee use. There are two private offices and a bathroom at each end of this large, mezzanine-level space.