7 Kitchen Before and After Pictures to Inspire Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

Whether you’re anticipating hosting family for the holidays, want to keep an eye on your kids while you cook, or need more space for your newfound baking obsession, there are plenty of reasons to search for kitchen design inspiration.

According to a 2022 study by Houzz, kitchens were the number one renovated room in 2021. It’s no wonder that as people spend more time at home, the functionality of their kitchen comes into question, as does its aesthetic.

Z & Co. Design Group is a Georgia-based interior design and building resource firm with over 30 years of combined experience in modern kitchen remodel projects. We work within your budget to create spaces you enjoy and can use with ease.

Modern Kitchen Remodel FAQs

How Long Does it Take to Redo a Kitchen?

Most kitchen remodel projects involve around 2 months of planning followed by 6-8 weeks of construction, although these two timelines are usually not consecutive. 

At Z & Co. Design Group, we like to have all Remodel Design plans and renderings complete, cabinets on order, and additional materials and lighting on site prior to starting the demo. This ensures that the project runs smoothly, without delay, and ensures the space is under construction for the shortest time period. This of course varies per project.

What Color Makes a Small Kitchen Look Bigger?

White marble continuous backsplash, where countertops continue up the wall as a backsplash to help elongate the room.
Example of a continuous marble backsplash

Implementing a neutral color scheme, or painting your cabinets a light color, like white, is just one way to make your kitchen look bigger. Extending those cabinets up to the ceiling will also help, as having a large gap between the ceiling and cabinets shrinks the height of the room. If you want to paint your kitchen island an accent color, be sure to use a lighter tone, as well.

A continuous backsplash is another trick to achieve a large-looking kitchen, typical in traditional southern homes. If your counters are light, continue them up the walls as the backsplash. Since there will be no visual break between the countertop and backsplash material, your eye will simply continue up to the cabinets, and voila, you trick the mind into thinking the height and overall space of the kitchen have expanded.

Need Some Kitchen Design Inspiration? Check Out These Kitchen Before and After Transformations

Here are some of our favorite kitchen before and after pictures to help you find your kitchen design inspiration. These seven projects show how we can maximize the potential of any space to create modern, sophisticated, and timeless designs.

1. Cottage Homage

Before and after pcitures of cottage kitchen with outdated tile and an old fashioned stove to a white modern kitchen with brick veneer backsplash
River House Rehab in Cornelia, GA

This is literally a floor-to-ceiling transformation! The River House Rehab kitchen was in major need of an update, but our clients still wanted a cottage-esque design. One way we achieved this was by installing a brick veneer backsplash that emulates the original stone wall. And what a difference wood flooring and better cabinet design make!

2. Sleek Tweaks

Before and after pictures of a modern sleek kitchen that got new countertops and a hidden pantry.
The Darlington Remodel in Cumming, GA

We didn’t have to change the layout of The Darlington Remodel kitchen in a major way to truly transform it. Some proper design and carefully curated finishes did the trick. This Modern Sleek kitchen is much more functional with increased counter space, cabinet storage, and a hidden pantry.

3. Bye Bye Brown

Before and afters pictures of kitchen with brown cabinets to white cabinets with gold hardware, a new kitchen island with marble countertop, and a mosaic backsplash.
Collier Contemporary in Smyrna, GA

Is this even the same kitchen? Our Collier Contemporary project proves that modern kitchen remodel ideas don’t have to be limited by the current condition of your kitchen. We are always thinking about how to push the boundaries of existing spaces.

4. Clean Green

Before and after pictures of small kitchen. New tile, cabinet paint, and appliances round out this modern transformation.
Downtown Bungalow in Atlanta, GA

The cabinets in Sherwin Williams Rosemary are almost too good to be true. The Downtown Bungalow kitchen went from cave-like to bright, open, and relaxed.

5. Seismic Shifts

Before and after pictures of modern kitchen remodel in Milton, Georgia. The new kitchen features an appliance rearrangement with a beautiful white kitchen hood, rose goal pot filer, and white cabinets with gold hardware.
Project Hampton in Milton, GA

Shifting the appliances at Project Hampton was imperative to create a focal point and make the space feel more modern. This is a crafty kitchen before and after—did you notice that the microwave is now a fixture on the island?

6. Kitchen En-Counters

Before and after pictures of a kitchen with a now large kitchen island, white tile backsplash, and increased storage and surface area
The New Classic in Cumming, GA

Our client at The New Classic project dealt with useless countertop space and storage issues for too many years. After this modern kitchen remodel and huge island install, we don’t think there’ll be an issue anymore.

7. Make Room

Before and after pictures of a kitchen that was cluttered with various objects taking up most of the counter space. In the after, a light wood kitchen island was added and the white cabinets surrounding the fridge now reach the ceiling.
The New Classic kitchen in Cumming, GA

Here’s another angle of The New Classic kitchen because it’s just so good! We extended the cabinets to the ceiling to make the kitchen feel bigger and to give our client some much-needed storage space. Items that took up precious counter area can now be stored out of sight in this declutter kitchen before and after transformation.

Ready For A Modern Kitchen Remodel?

Georgia interior designers, like Z & Co. Design Group, have the design expertise to create a functional and visually appealing kitchen that meets your specific needs and preferences. We work with you to choose materials, colors, and finishes that will bring your vision to life.

Z & Co. offers a wide range of services, including project management, to make kitchen before and after photos like these a reality. Contact us today if you’re ready to get the most out of your kitchen – our Principal Designer, Heather Z. Eason, is excited to discuss how to bring your modern kitchen remodel ideas to life!