The Darlington Remodel


Designer: Heather Eason

Builder: Michels Construction

Expertise Rendered: Remodel Design & Lighting Design

Photographer: Heidi Harris

Statement Mid Century Modern Lights

We took this home from its early 2000s roots to a mid century modern dream. Our goal is to create spaces our clients are excited to come home to, so we made sure the client’s design aesthetic came across in both the kitchen and bathroom.

We did not have to change the layout of the kitchen in a drastic way to get these amazing results. To maximize functionality, our remodel design increased counter space and maximized cabinet storage. The cabinets got a fresh coat of paint and were upgraded with new hardware. While modern and sleek, the glass-front cabinet and softer-toned backsplash are a touch of recollection. Finally, we added the pendant mid century modern lights for a design statement and to emphasize the gold accents in the kitchen.

The bathroom has a unique aesthetic that is also punctuated by its light fixtures. Simple, wooden furniture was characteristic of the mid-20th century, which is why this bathroom vanity was the perfect addition! The light fixtures add intrigue and shape to the space, while the mix of tiles provides a wonderful sophistication.