River House Rehab

Cornelia, GA

Designers: Heather Eason, Harlie Beddome & Lindsey Quinn

Builder: Justin Prance

Expertise Rendered: Remodel Design, Color Expertise, Construction Management & Custom Interior Design

Photographer: Heidi Harris

A Custom Cottage Design

We were brought onto this custom cottage design project after a local dam failure submerged the main floor in river water. Restoring a space can be a lot more complicated than a new build, but we were determined to give the space the update it deserved. While we needed to repair almost all of the main level, it was important to the owners that we maintain the quaint cottage feel.

The original floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace was one aspect we wanted to remain untouched. We worked around this feature and layered in various textures and neutral furniture to brighten and cozy the space. In the kitchen, we added a natural-colored brick veneer backsplash that extends to the ceiling to resemble an original brick wall. The honed black granite countertop we installed reads lived-in, worn down, and loved.

This tranquil cottage serves as a reminder that anything can be made beautiful again. The aesthetic is charming and historical yet modern and classic, resulting in a beautiful second home for the owners. The back living room is the ideal spot to curl up with a good book during the cooler winter months.