Project W


Designers: Heather Eason & Lindsey Quinn

Builder: Michels Construction

Expertise Rendered: Remodel Design

Photographer: Heidi Harris

Minimalist Vintage Bathrooms

This young family couldn’t wait to have two beautifully renovated bathrooms! For this remodel design project, the family requested a relaxing, suave master bathroom for mom and dad and a bathroom with similar minimalist vintage aesthetics that the kids could grow into. The master bathroom was completely gutted, and we combined this space with two adjoining unused closets. This maximized space and helped us create a spa-like ambiance, complete with a large walk-in shower and soaking tub.

The dried flowers, stick candles, and dreamy artwork are reminiscent of the past and the perfect minimalist vintage decor selections. We also designed a gorgeous custom oak-stained vanity with linen storage and added a marble herringbone accent wall above the vanity.

We kept the same layout for the kid’s bath but updated the finishes, fixtures, flooring, and accented neutral color scheme to create a fresh, whimsical design fitting for the kids now and as they grow.