Project Havenridge

Cumming, Georgia

Designer: Harlie Beddome

Builder: Michels Construction

Expertise: Interior Design, Remodeling, Construction Management

Photographer: Heidi Harris

A Cozy Modern Home

Project Havenridge was a special one for us because we had the opportunity to personally discover and help develop our client’s sense of style. When our client came to us, she had no direction and didn’t know how to describe the interior style she wanted. Through many discussions and compiling inspirational pictures & samples, we were able to deliver a beautifully remodeled main level furnished with accents that read cozy, comfortable, refreshed, and updated.

For this cozy modern home, we removed a wall separating the kitchen from the living room, reworked the layout and storage of the kitchen, modified the existing and asymmetrical living room built-ins, redesigned the staircase, and so much more. What used to be an L-shaped kitchen peninsula was replaced with a large island that provides additional seating alongside the neighboring breakfast area. In wanting to preserve the essence of the home pre-renovation, we decided not to redo the keeping room fireplace, but instead left the stack stone the way it was. This allowed us to have a little nod to the original home and the memories it holds. We brightened up the kitchen with lighter cabinets but stayed clear of a bright white by opting for soft ivory. We also stained the floors a warm, medium brown to complement the fresh, lighter wall color. For the furnishings, we kept most of the new pieces and frames classic in shape but added small modern touches throughout.

As we were developing the design and renovation plan, the daughter of our client asked if the end result was going to be modern like a hotel, or homey — similar to how she previously viewed their home. This question truly resonated and stuck with me throughout the entire renovation. I wanted to ensure that every family member still felt as if their home was theirs and was just as cozy as before. It was especially important to us that the kids felt the home still welcomed them with open arms. We’re pleased to say that our mission was accomplished!