Project Briarwood

Brookhaven, Georgia

Designer: Tyler Bernson

Builder: Brad Michels

Expertise: Remodel & Construction, Custom Cabinetry Design, Interior Staging & Styling

Photographer: Heidi Harris

Mid-Century Minimalist

Project Briarwood started with all-white marble tile and very traditional finishes in the primary bathroom, which did not reflect our client’s style. They were actually huge fans of original art and vibrant colors and wanted an organic, mid-century minimalist aesthetic that seamlessly blended these elements. We revamped the entire space into a cozy minimal haven.

We designed walnut vanities with a custom stain finish and used earth-toned tiles to bring in texture and depth. Layers of amazing artwork bring personality to this space. The smaller, guest bathroom is a reflection of the primary bath and uses very similar fixtures and finishes.