North Georgia Rebuild


Designers: Heather Eason & Harlie Beddome

Builder: Michels Construction

Expertise Rendered: Remodel Design, Color Expertise, Construction Management & Custom Interior Design

Photographer: Heidi Harris

A Beautiful Southern Home

For this project, we took our clients’ existing home down to the studs and redesigned it exactly how they dreamed it to be, ensuring they would be able to use it for years to come. This is the definition of a perfectly designed forever home. There was not a single area in this home that went untouched! 

We blew out the back wall of the house to build out the kitchen of our clients’ dreams—nearly 20 feet long! It is the embodiment of a modern southern style kitchen, with captivating candelabra fixtures as the focal point and a charmingly distressed backsplash juxtaposing the modern furnishings and finishes.

We relocated the primary suite to a private, oversized upstairs room that was once a makeshift office. In this new primary suite, we were able to create a shower nearly 6 feet long, as well as a perfectly-sized coffee bar snuggled below the sweetest French casement window. 

One of the other large structural changes was transforming the old primary suite to a very comfortably sized in-law suite with a kitchenette and living room. The new layout of this beautiful southern home along with the curated, personal touches promises longevity and many family gatherings in the coming years.