The Highland Overlook

Blue Ridge, GA

Designers: Heather Eason & Lindsey Quinn

Expertise: Interior Design, Styling, Short Term Rental Design

Photographer: Heidi Harris

A Moody, Mountain Retreat

Our latest mountain home design, nestled in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, is a testament to sophisticated rustic elegance. This project is the second home with the same floor plan purchased by an investor, the first being The Grand Overlook. We enjoyed getting to complete a second version of this mountain retreat while creating a different flair, and it’s safe to say that this cabin is distinct yet equally enchanting.

The Highland Overlook embodies a more mature and swanky ambiance, tailored specifically for adult groups rather than families. The interior exudes warmth and sophistication, featuring plush furnishings and rich textures that invite relaxation. The bedrooms’ cozy, earthy tones and layered bedding create a serene retreat, while the striking art pieces and mounted antlers add a touch of rugged charm. In the dining area, the dark wood table and abstract wall art create a dramatic yet inviting space, perfect for intimate dinners with panoramic mountain views.

The living room is a haven of comfort, with soft, furry chairs and a zebra hide rug adding a hint of exotic flair. The open-plan design ensures seamless flow between spaces, with expansive windows framing the lush, natural surroundings. The Highland Overlook is not just a home; it’s an experience—a moody, masculine retreat that offers a perfect escape into the serene beauty of the mountains.