The Grand Overlook

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Designer: Heather Eason

Photographer: Heidi Harris

A Blue Ridge Mountain Cabin

This appropriately named luxury short-term rental arguably has one of the best long-range views in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We furnished, designed, and styled this three-level exquisite cabin property while incorporating the owner’s personal artifacts from travels throughout Wyoming. You’ll notice these throughout the photos. For example, the cowboy chaps, displayed on a stand, serve as a reminder of the adventures that inspired this mountain retreat.

This Blue Ridge Mountain cabin is a masterclass in high-quality craftsmanship and comfort. Dark wood trim, metals, and accents richen the overall aesthetic, while natural materials and rustic decor give the home character. The result is an elevated home that still maintains a strong sense of place. 

Outside, multiple outdoor spaces invite guests to soak in the natural beauty of the mountains in style and comfort. With a perfect blend of luxury and personal charm, this cabin promises an unforgettable mountain experience.